Capital Improvement Giving


As a National Historic Landmark, providing visitors and fans with premier facilities and resources to mold a lasting, emotional connection at Rose Bowl Stadium and within the Central Arroyo is of the utmost importance.

As a National Historic Landmark, the host to five Super Bowls, two Olympiads, two World Cup Finals and many more historic moments, the near-century young venue needs updates within several areas of its operational infastructure to best support the event-day experience and its future.

Private, philanthropic support for capital improvements is the primary focus of the Foundation. Revitalizing the venue through charitable gifts supporting its enhancement will ensure a state-of-the-art environment for future generations to enjoy. 

Building a storied history since 1922 as America's Stadium, the Rose Bowl and its surroundings informally bring moments to life through a premier experience on a world-class stage.

While amplifying the many areas that vibrantly keep the venue and the City of Pasadena as one of the first-class sports and entertainment destinations for all demographics, the continued improvement of all areas deserves consideration to maintain the status and national credibility of all areas.

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