1994 World Cup Finals.

                                                       1994 World Cup Finals.


Legacy Foundation FAQ

+ What is the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation?

The Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization whose primary purpose is to financially ensure the appropriate honoring of a historic past, while building a premier future through making the venue and surrounding activity spaces even more distinguished and iconic as one of the world’s most celebrated entertainment areas.

The Foundation’s four core values were born out of respect for those that have made the Central Arroyo a special, unique place for all types of visitors, regardless of demographic background or skill set. It is the responsibility of the Foundation to continue growing the strength of this legacy through creating symbiotic, expansive options to best grow and supplement current activity at the venue and in the Central Arroyo.

+ Where does my money go?

Your tax deductible donation to the Legacy Foundation supports capital improvements to the historic Rose Bowl Stadium or the Legacy Foundation’s operational budget. The choice is made by the donor.

Additionally, Legacy continuously adds community programs to provide educational enrichment and scholarship support to local youth, allowing the donor additional opportunities to support Rose Bowl initiatives above and beyond their base gifts.

+ How do I make a donation to the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation?

We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to make a philanthropic gift in support of America’s Stadium and its future. Gifts can be made in the following ways:

  • Online - Not available at this time
  • Phone - Call the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation Staff at 626-577-2540.
  • Mail - Complete the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation Pledge/Gift Form by clicking here and mail to the Foundation at 1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, California, 91103
  • In Person - Visit with Legacy Foundation Staff at the historic Rose Bowl Stadium, upon request and by appointment.

+ Are contributions to the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation tax deductible?

Yes. Gifts to the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, are tax deductible, minus any benefits received. All donations are issued an official tax receipt for your personal records. As always, it is recommended that the donor consult their personal tax advisor about the treatment of the gift.

+ Can a donor receive benefits from the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation for their gift?

Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation donors can receive benefits for their contribution, if desired. Click here to view the donor benefits chart. Values is based on the actual benefits received and all donors should consult their personal tax advisor for the appropriate deduction.

Donors also have the option to decline all benefits. By declining benefits, a donor gives up the right to all benefits provided for that membership. A donor declining all benefits will be receipted at 100% charitable.

+ Can gifts be restricted to a specific project?

Yes. Donors to the Legacy Foundation can also support a specific project or educational program, which also qualifies you for eligible benefits based on giving level.

+ Are there payment plans and options available?

Yes. Recurring donations may be scheduled on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis over a terms up to seven years. For a longer term gift or customized arrangements, please contact the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation staff to discuss options available through pledging and other methods.

+ When is my annual membership contribution due each year?

The Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation wants each member to be rewarded for their commitment to America’s Stadium, on their own schedule. However, to receive exclusive benefits for the following year depending on your annual giving level, it is recommended that pledges be given within the calendar year of January 1 to December 30.

Veteran’s Day Flag/Parachute Landing

Veteran’s Day Flag/Parachute Landing




Contact the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation by email at Legacy@rosebowlstadium.com or by phone at 626-577-2540.


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