Rose Bowl Commemorative Statue Guidelines

**(as approved by Rose Bowl Operating Company on February 2, 2017)**

The placement of monuments or statues within the RBOC Area is not regulated by the City’s Monument Policy; therefore the RBOC has adopted the following Guidelines for placement of monuments or statues within the RBOC Area, which is identified within the Operating Agreement between the RBOC and the City of Pasadena.   The policy guidelines were adopted to mirror aspects of the City’s Monument Policy. 

A. Evaluation Process

  1. Legacy’s Board of Directors and the General Manager of the RBOC will appoint and oversee a statue committee to: 1) determine the artist, 2) review appropriateness of content, and 3) make recommendations to Legacy Board of Directors and RBOC on select statue subject matter, appropriate locations within the RBOC Area (as defined in the Operating Agreement with the City of Pasadena), based on the level of historical significance associated with the Rose Bowl Stadium, and footprint and orientation within the proposed site plan of each statue. Should any future statues be proposed within the joint venture space of the Rose Plaza, the Tournament of Roses will be included in the process. (No RBOC Board Members or City Council members may be appointed to the committee to maintain the legal distinction between Legacy and the City/RBOC.)

  2. Committee recommendations will strongly consider the professionally proposed recommendations from a third-party industry professional. The committee will maintain initial oversight to ensure compliance with the established guidelines.

  3. Recommendations from the committee will be presented in full to the Legacy Board of Directors for approval and recommendation of further action to the General Manager of the RBOC.

  4. Once approved by Legacy’s Board of Directors, the General Manager of the RBOC will present the preliminary commemorative statue plans and committee suggestions to the RBOC Board.

  5. Legacy, the General Manager of the RBOC, and the selected artist will request that the City of Pasadena’s Arts and Culture Commission review the design of any statue in an advisory capacity.

  6. For a second time, Legacy and the General Manager of the RBOC will present the final draft of statue plans, suggested location, orientation, and designs to the RBOC Board a for recommendation and approval, taking into account the advisory comments from the Arts and Culture Commission.

  7. Legacy and the General Manager of the RBOC will present to City Council as an informational item so that the Council may understand the application as it relates to proposed location, compatibility with the surroundings, potential impact on other uses, potential liability, and safety and maintenance issues.

B. Evaluation Guidelines:

  • Appropriateness: Each statue will have an association between the Rose Bowl Stadium, its history and heritage, and thus, the City of Pasadena. Statues could be figures, living or deceased, or historic moments, that have had a direct association and influence with Rose Bowl Stadium history and heritage. The installation of a celebratory statue, affiliated with an appropriate Rose Bowl Stadium moment, will not be permitted unless there is a minimum of five (5) years from the occurrence of or conclusion of the specific event.

  • Compatibility: Statues will be appropriate and compatible with existing uses in the area. Statue designs will be encouraged to integrate with the surrounding environment and will be combined with shrubbery and landscaping elements, when and if possible. The aesthetic merit of the statues must show a high level of quality, synonymous with prior Rose Bowl Stadium projects, and will best support education about the subject matter.

  • Impact: Statues will not adversely impact the use of the area including, but not limited to, visual impact of the historic Rose Bowl Stadium and traditional patron usage.

  • Aesthetics: Aesthetic merit is a primary determinant in the acceptance of statues and must show a high level of quality from the artist. Works of inferior workmanship will not be approved nor accepted. Statue sizes will be no larger than life size, plus 25% (industry standard for most likenesses) with a custom, in-ground base no smaller than 2.5’ x 2.5’ and no larger than 5.5’ x 5.5’.

  • Maintenance and Insurance: The statues will have little to no ongoing maintenance costs. If any such costs should arise, ordinary or extraordinary, they will be fully funded by Legacy for the life of the statue. Statues will not create liability or public funding issues, as any donor(s) will sign formal Legacy pledge documents.

  • Safety: The statues will be safe to passersby, curious spectators (especially children), and the environment including motor and recreational traffic. Sharp projecting elements, loose parts, and other potential hazards, which create liability and safety issues, will not be accepted.

  • Ownership: Ownership of any statue will be transferred to the RBOC upon written acceptance by Legacy and installation by the artist.

  • Construction/Installation: Construction, installation and site preparation of every statue must be undertaken pursuant to valid plans, approvals and permits approved by RBOC standards.

  • Donor Recognition: Donor recognition will not be in perpetuity. Donor acknowledgement on statues will be done tastefully and modestly and will not detract from the overall presentation of the statue and/or the surroundings. Recognition will also best support will best support education about the subject matter, if possible. In reference to other Legacy naming opportunities, donor recognition will remain until 2042, unless otherwise stated to be shorter by the gift agreement or if the donor is determined to be qualified as the following:

    • Legacy, or the RBOC, may remove plaques, donor recognition, or the statue itself, if it is reasonably believed that the Donor and/or highlighted subject matter has committed a crime or act of moral turpitude, or has engaged in conduct materially averse to the interests of the City of Pasadena, the RBOC or Legacy.