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INSPIRE is a historic, inspirational $40 million capital campaign that will culminate by the Rose Bowl Stadium's Centennial birthday in 2022. 

Through the venue's inspirational impact, the campaign represents the emotional memories of our patrons and the community from the past near-century.   

The campaign will directly reflect the mission of the Rose Bowl Legacy Foundation to preserve, protect and enhance the Rose Bowl Stadium, a registered National Historic Landmark, while developing added educational programs to serve youth and the community.

There is tremendous power in every gift.  This is your chance to INSPIRE. Because our past will inspire the future of the Rose Bowl Stadium. 

"When you're 16 years old, you don't ever dream of ending up somewhere like the Rose Bowl.  You just don't.  There are places that still seem sort of unreachable.  This is definitely one of them." 
- Kenny Chesney, Country Music Superstar and Legacy Donor (before 2015 performance in Pasadena)

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